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11:11 Slimming World was started with a sole vision of creating a generation of fit and healthy people. We thoroughly believe that only a healthy nation can be a wealthy nation, and only then a wiser outlook towards life is possible. And in order to pursue this ideology we launched a dream health centre that doesn’t only make people fitter and healthy but also saves a lot of time, efforts and money. Using completely non-surgical, technologically advanced methods, we at 11:11 Slimming World are here to provide optimum and tailor-made health management services. Backed by Certified Doctors, Experienced Dieticians and professionals along with a combined experience of over 20 years, we deliver the highest level of customer satisfaction.

Having a perfectly well shaped body and healthy body in this fast and busy life is not a distant dream, and we are here to prove it.

Why 11:11

While paying special attention to reduce body weight, body fat, inch loss, we also provide personal assistance to tone and strengthen the muscles and improve energy levels thereby improving the overall fitness of an individual.

Pledging uncompromised quality, safety and secrecy; we provide our patrons with a friendly, relaxed and luxurious environment to induce positivity and vibrancy even during the therapies and treatments. Once done with the weight reduction process, we also provide only diet consultation, which helps to maintain the shape. The diet recommended will be flexible enough to be followed in routine.


It’s a worldwide observed and believed phenomenon to make a wish when you see this number. According to numerology the number 11 possesses the qualities of patience, honesty, spirituality, sensitivity, intuition and is idealistic. It is observed that when you see ‘11:11’ whether on a clock, a license plate, your bank statement or wherever you happen to see it, your wish comes true. Some theories state that there is something significant happening in the moment that you are in, and you should pay attention to what is going on in your surroundings. One should simply stop, and recognize the magic that happens; when 11:11 catches you off guard and you are able to introspect in that one minute of what it is that you very deeply wish for without a second thought. So the next time you see 11:11, let it bring a big smile on your face, because my friend, your dreams are being manifested right now! Is it 11:11 yet?


Weight Loss Program Kandivali - 11 : 11 Slimming World

Weight Loss

We follow a scientifically and medically approved weight loss program that allows you to shed the extra kilos without any side-effects or pain.

Spot Fat Reduction Treatment Kandivali - 11 : 11 Slimming World

Spot Reduction

Areas having extra or stubborn fats can be mobilized with the help of manual massages; it helps to get your natural shape back.

Fat Freeze Treatment Kandivali - 11 : 11 Slimming World

Fat freeze

Most advanced technology that helps to remove deep layered and stubborn fats and give results instantly.

Skin Tightening Treatment in Kandivali - 11 : 11 Slimming World

Skin Tightening

Areas having loose or saggy skin can be toned with this treatment. It’s relaxing as well as a result oriented method.

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