About us

11-11 slimming world

11:11 Slimming World was started with the ideology of a wiser outlook for life with a healthy body. This dream health care centre was launched to make people not only healthy and fitter but also to save their time, money and efforts. Using completely non-surgical and technologically advanced methods, we at 11:11 Slimming World provide the ideal and tailor-made health management services suitable for each and every individual.

We ensure our clients quality, safety and secrecy. We have established in our centre a friendly, relaxed and luxurious environment that motivates positivity and vibrancy during the treatments and therapies.

Our Vision

We aim to make slimming accomplishable and easily accessible to each and every individual. Our vision is to become a world-class fitness destination, that helps in improving efficiency, productivity and hence improve quality of life in lesser cost, minimal efforts and with complete trust.


At 11:11 Slimming World, the entire weight management programme is executed by our team of qualified professionals. The principle behind weight loss that we follow is Negative Calorie Balance. Based on the health status of each and every individual an integrated approach of Diet Modification, Passive as well as Active Physical Activity and Behaviour Modification is planned. Additional to weight management programme, other specialized facilities like improving muscle toning, skin firming and detoxifying therapies are also provided. These help in nourishing and firming the skin after weight loss making one LOOK GOOD AND FEEL GREAT.