Ultrasound Lipolysis Ultrasound Lipolysis or U-Lipo is an innovative, gentle and non-surgical method to remove the composition of fat from a specific part of the body using Ultrasound Radio Waves. Considered as one of the safest method of removing fat, it can be targeted on different body parts like Tummy, Inner & Outer Thigh, Chin, Chest, Hip, Arms and Back.

Detox/ Full Body Massage Massage is a hands-on manipulation of soft tissues of the body including muscles, connective tissues, tendons, ligaments and joints with required pressure in a rhythmic manner. This treatment has a therapeutic effect and improves health by acting directly on the muscular circulatory and nervous system.

Cryolipolysis FDA cleared alternative to liposuction, Cryolipolysis uses fat-freezing technology to safely and effectively eliminate unwanted fat cells from the body. With targeted cooling, the fat is safely chilled to damage the fat cells without harming surrounding skin or tissue. After the procedure, the body will naturally eliminate the damaged fat cells, leaving one looking slimmer. In this treatment, no anesthetic is needed and no incisions are made. This treatment can treat the Hips, Waist, Thighs, Buttocks, Abdomen, Arms, Back, Flanks, “Love Handles”, “Muffin Top”, etc.

Body Therapy – Body Therapy is an advanced inch loss treatment. With the combination of machine and manual massage, it mobilizes the fat in the body. The main benefit of Body Therapy is that it targets 3 body areas at once, giving an overall figure correction.

Vibration – Vibration acts as a passive body stimulator and converts the extra fat into energy. In vibration, a person can lose upto 5 kgs in 15-20 sittings.

Bamboo Massage – With bamboo rollers attacking the deep tissues, Bamboo Massage uses special Bellawave natural products supported by Digisonic induction to speed up the absorption and body wrap to provide weight loss and cm loss. Bamboo Massage acts on the deeper layers of tight muscles, instantly relieving stress, pain and stiffness of the joints. It also enhances blood circulation and helps to boost BMR. It is targeted to the whole body with special focus on thighs, abdomen, back, arms, sides and hips.